Single Stick strikes

I’ve always enjoyed playing with stick and knife fighting drills and patterns. As for their relevence as self defence applications I think they are useful for a number of reasons.. First off it’s good to have a bit of striking knowledge if you ever need to use a stick or similar improvised weapon. Second, although most knife attacks are likely to be a simple [to execute: NOT to defend!] repetative stab with the right hand, it’s good to train against an opponent that can throw in some more ususual strikes.
There is an argument that practicing these forms and drills is ‘dead’, un-realistic practice, ok, but until you know the angles, and can flow between strikes, it’s difficult to do ‘live’ unco-operative practice. Another good aspect to the two person flow drills using sticks is that they can really pick up the pace and sharpen you attention and reactions.

Here are a few videos showing some of the variations of some basic single stick strike patterns..