How to Defend Against a Knife Attack Using Israeli Martial Arts

In this video Martial Arts expert Julio Rivera demonstrates a defense against an upward thrusting knife attack. I have to say that I’ve never seen the x-block taught in any Krav Maga before, but I also know that it’s one of those instinctive blocks that often just happen, it is also relatively secure and easy to apply. One disadvantage is that both hands are tied up blocking so you can’t execute a simultaneous counter. Here Julio slips from the block into a counter where he turns the knife onto the opponent. I think I will have to have a play with this, put it under a bit of pressure with some real intent to the thrusts and see how it works.

Expert: Julio Rivera Contact: Bio: Julio Rivera is an instructor at Premier Martial Arts in New York City, which presently has three locations in Manhattan. Mr. Filmmaker: Paul Muller