Krav Ma what ?…

…Krav Maga

I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone ask what martial art I practice who actually said, ‘Oh yeah, that’s the self-defence system developed by the  Isreali military isn’t it?’

The response is usually ‘kravma what ?’
[and it was pretty much the same when I trained Wing Chun too!]

Krav Maga [Hebrew for 'Contact Combat']  was initially developed over a fifteen year period, begining in the late Forties, by Imi Lichtenfeldt for the newly formed Isreali Defence Force. As a military close quarters combat system, Krav Maga had to be fast to learn, simple to use and most importantly, effective for large groups of people with minimal training. The aggressive combative style which Imi devised featured elements of boxing, judo, and jujitsu as well as stick- and knife-fighting techniques. All of the techniques introduced to the Krav Maga system had to pass the over-riding principle that they are; easy to learn and apply, in a short period of time; and work, even under extreme pressure or disadvantage. Krav Maga has now been taught to the Isreali military [as well as many others] for over 60 years.

In 1963 Imi retired from active service in the IDF, to concentrate on adapting the Krav Maga system  to meet the needs of civilian self defence. The man on the street typically has  no weapon, no squad to back them up and could be old, young, ill or just plain unfit. Civilian Krav Maga has distilled the battle tested techniques into a system of self defense that can readily be taught to civilians as it is based upon natural reactions, simple movements and aggressive defence principles.

So for anyone else that hasn’t come across Krav Maga before, and would like to know more, let me point you in the direction of a short history by my instructor, Paul Grey at RealityBasedTraining [Bristol, UK]