Krav Maga Online: What You Need To Learn Real Krav Maga Self Defense Techniques Online

Krav Maga Online: What You Need To Learn Real Krav Maga Self Defense Techniques Online

In a world of constantly perpetuated violence, it is more important than ever to know how to defend yourself in case you are attacked on the street.  Muggers and criminals populate cities everywhere, and knowing how to protect yourself and your loved ones is vital.

It is actually very possible to learn real self-defense techniques that you can use to save your life in the event of an attack.

The system of self defense known as ‘krav maga’ is used to teach beginners and experienced martial artists alike how to use only your natural weapons – your fists, your body, and your brain – to save lives in a street attack.

Krav maga is quickly becoming the best martial art for self defense.


Here is what you need to learn krav maga online.

A computer
A certified krav maga training system
A partner to practice self defense techniques with (optional)

So, to get started, you need to download krav maga videos and training manuals.  There are several different trainers out there who have helpfully recorded each maneuver in this self defense system.

Once you have a training regime, clear out an open space for yourself (and your partner if you have one) to practice.  You need lots of room for practicing footwork, kicks, and strikes.

Begin by watching the first video or manual in your series.  Once you have the idea of the technique, pause the video to practice this move yourself.  Then go back and do it again.

It is best to only attempt one or two moves per day, so you have time to practice them thoroughly.  Krav maga techniques must become instinctive so that in the event of a real attack, you respond without thinking.

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