Learn Krav Maga Online

Never Be Afraid Of A Dark Alley Again: Learn Krav Maga Online

If you want to learn krav maga online, there are a few things you should consider:

Firstly you should find a good class near to you and go check it out
If there are no classes nearby you can learn a lot from online videos and instruction
A good open space to practice strikes/kicks and footwork
Optional, but highly recommended: a training partner

There are loads of online krav maga resources, many of which are free videos.  You can find posts and articles on how to do krav maga moves as well, but videos are definitely the best way to actually see techniques performed.

The most important part of training krav maga moves is going to be practice.  The ultimate goal of any self defense martial art like krav maga is to make what you learn instinct.  This way in a real situation, should it ever occur, you will not freeze up.

So this means you need to clear a good space to practice hammer strikes, straight punches, uppercuts, kicks, etc.  Just find one room in your house – preferably where you have a TV or computer so you can watch the krav maga videos at the same time.

Having a training partner does help a lot.  Not only do you get the experience of using these moves on a real person, but you also miss out on aspects of perspective and range if you have no real target.

If you can, convince a family member or a friend to learn krav maga online with you.  This way you can both benefit from the confidence, fitness, flexibility, and coordination improvements that come with krav maga training.

Not to mention that after just a few weeks of practice, you will be able to perform strikes and kicks with ease.  Self defense martial arts are not rocket science, but rather just a matter of practice and repetition.

Work on krav maga techniques at least five times a week and you will see immediate improvements in your health and fitness – and of course your ability to defend yourself.


Want to know more?

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