Learn Krav Maga Online: Free Krav Maga Techniques Guide

Learn Krav Maga Online: Free Krav Maga Techniques Guide

You’re here to learn krav maga online, aren’t you?  Here is a basic free krav maga techniques guide to get you started learning self defense moves from the krav maga system.  Krav maga literally means “hand combat” and is one of the most practical forms of self defense being taught today.

To start, we have krav maga strikes:

1. Straight punch

2. Palm heel strike

3. Hammer fist

4. Uppercut

5. Throat strike

Krav maga techniques also include kicks, but they are less emphasized as krav maga is about short, fast strikes to debilitate an attacker, and those are better performed with the upper body through punches and elbow strikes.


Krav maga kicks:

1. Groin kick

2. Side kick

3. Knee strikes

These are just a few of the most basic krav maga moves you can learn online.  Ideally you should train with a partner so that you can practice in a way that is as close to real situations as possible.

The krav maga system also includes gun and knife disarming methods in case your attacker is carrying a weapon.  There are defensive moves that show you how to grab the weapon and redirect the threat away from you, then actually take the gun from your attacker.

On top of that, krav maga also includes ground fighting methods that can brutally devastate an attacker who has gotten violent with you.  Even so, the ultimate goal of krav maga is to end fights as fast as possible, so the focus is not going to be on beating someone up – but rather stopping them from hurting you, then running for help.

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