Eye strikes

One of the most effective self defence techniques has to be the simple eye jab: it’s fast, it has a long reach, it’s quite simple to learn and could easily allow you to win a fight. If the opponent can’t see you he’s going to find it difficult to hit you !

There are two very effective forms of eye strikes or gouges.

The first one I learned is the ‘darting fingers’ eye jab or eye strike from wing chun as part of the bill jee or thrusting hand form. It’s performed with the with a very fast whipping motion, the palm is down and the fingers flick out to rake at the eyes.
Here’s a pretty good break down on the basics from Paul Vunak:

One more from paul with a nice eye jab, elbow strike, head butt 1-2-3 combo that’s practical and fit’s most street fighting styles:

The second is different, instead of the fingers, it is the thumb that is used to attack the eye of the opponent. In this attack the arm is positioned with the elbow down and the palm vertical, the motion is not so much a flick like before but a piston like thrust driving the thumb into the eye. The fingers shoot past the side of the face and can grab the ear or hook around the back of the neck, this is often used to set up for a follow on elbow strike. This eye gouge can be seen in the wooden man form from Wing Chun
Here’s Yip Man [Wing Chun master and Bruce Lee's kung fu instructor] performing the 116 [or maybe 108 ?] technique wooden dummy form [ Muk Yan Jong ], take a look at the strike at 12secs…

And again in this clip look at the movement at 23secs. Think eye gouge with the thumb followed by slipping the hand past the side of the head into a neck grab…