Dr. Ruthless®: Practical, Primal Self Defense For Women

This little lady packs a lot of attitude…

Black Belt Hall of Fame recipient and 2008 Industry Award Winner for BEST WOMEN’S SELF DEFENSE, Dr. Ruthless brings her down ‘n dirty methods online! A veteran women’s self defense expert –and a frontrunner in the original armored attacker system, Model Mugging– she is known for her no-nonsense methods, emotional depth (Soalt is also a former psychotherapist), and fierce fighting skills. Dr. Ruthless calls for all women to unearth their innate survival instincts and get this savage know-how back online. This inaugural video focuses on essential fight-back principles when nothing else will do but an explosive counterattack. Select footage from Soalt’s acclaimed Fierce & Female DVD combine with narration to best illustrate the physical, emotional and spiritual realites of “what it takes” to escape a much larger creature intent on harm — including such themes as how to deliver penetrating power, morph your body into a weapon, and effectively harness the electrifying charge of fear and adrenaline. Dr. Ruthless has been featured on national media and brings a unique voice and brand to women’s self defense. Stay tuned for more … For info on Fierce & Female DVD go to: Search Result Page – Product Catalog – Paladin Press To visit Dr. Ruthless online go to: www.dr-ruthless.com NEW!!! DR RUTHLESS NOW ON FACE BOOK! COME ON OVER & BECOME MY FAN: www.facebook.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5