Effective Self Defense – Striking With More Than Punches & Kicks to Effectively Defend Yourself

Effective Self Defense – Striking With More Than Punches & Kicks to Effectively Defend Yourself

When you think of striking, what comes to mind? What parts of your body do you think of and, more importantly, have you trained to be effective self defense weapons?


To effectively and efficiently defend yourself against an attacker who’s intent on beating, breaking, or killing you, you must have options. And those options must go beyond what he thinks of. Because, the reality of a self defense situation is this:


If your tactics and techniques are “just like everybody else,” and something he knows and therefor is always watching for, then you’re going to have a hell of a time beating him without taking some serious damage in the process!


And, while I can’t possibly go over every type of tactic, technique, or strategy that you could – and should – have in your self defense toolbox, suffice it to say that self defense begins by understanding how your attacker thinks. Knowing this one critical piece of information will drastically change the way you think about and train yourself for effective, real-world self defense.


But, for our purposes here, let’s take a look at the concept of striking from a deeper level of understanding than merely throwing a basic, conventional punch or kick – like everybody else.


The first place to do this is in what we see as a “fist.” In the Ninja’s unarmed self defense method known as ninpo-taijutsu (the ninja’s body skills), the term “fist” is taken far beyond the way we use the hand as a weapon, to the term used to identify any part of the body that we could use as a striking weapon.


It includes ways to strike our assailant’s body with things like your:



Shoulders , and…
Heels of the feet


The next step is in being able to recognize the variables that exist in getting your weapon to it’s target. These variables take the shape of 4 basic striking dynamics which, when trained and combined, will seriously expand your abilities to a point where your attacker will have to be a martial arts master or self defense expert himself to be able to deal with you.


These 4 dynamics include:



Level of attack (high, middle and low)
Range from target (long, mid, and close)
Angle of attack (hooking, clubbing/swatting, or piercing), and…
Delivery method (lead, cross, or lunging/stepping)


By combining and working these dynamics, and by including more striking surfaces of your body as weapons, you will step outside of the conventional and into the realm of mastery. The only question is…


How hard do you want to have to fight to survive?!















Effective self defense requires more than just a few “karate moves.” It involves the ability to think strategically, and understand how to defend yourself with as little wear-and-tear on you as possible.

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Jeffrey M. Miller is an internationally-known self defense expert. Each month he teaches literally thousands of students through live seminars, corporate training events, and his in-demand Self Defense Success Secrets Home Study Courses, the lessons to be able to survive in Today’s often dangerous world.