How Many Self Defence Techniques Do You Need ?

How Many Self Defence Techniques Do You Need ?

There is an old story in martial art circles that goes something like..

On a hill sat a fox and cat next to an old oak tree. Looking off in the distance they could see a pack a ravenous dogs heading in their direction. The fox turns to the cat and says “Foolish dogs, do they not realise I know over 100 techniques for avoiding them. Cat how many do you know ?” The cat, looking very slightly scared, looks at the fox and say “Only one.”

The fox laughs and says to the cat “You have a big problem my friend. What if your one technique does not work. Surely you can see the need for knowing many techniques”

The cat replies “It has never failed me. Every time I have found myself in this situation my technique has always worked.”

“These dogs will be upon us soon.” says the fox “I had better decide which of my many techniques is best to use.”

The cat, deciding to wait no longer, climbs the old oak tree and calls to the fox “Quick the dogs are nearly upon you, hurry. I have used my technique, use one of yours.”

Panic is now gripping the fox. “I am still deciding.” The fox shouts back with increasing fear in his voice. Seconds later the dogs are upon him and he is killed while the cat watches on from the top of the old oak tree.

This story shows that too many techniques can create what has become known as log jam. If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself being attacked you need simple, easy to perform techniques that use gross motor skills. Techniques that use fine motor skills are incredibly difficult to perform when experiencing an adrenaline dump.

It is important to have a few, simple, effective techniques that work for you. If your attacker grabs the front of your jacket, there is no need to know 100 different ways of dealing with this.

At Practical Self Protection we are committed to, and focus on, reality based self defence training. We focus on state of the art techniques and training methods that give you immediate results.

If you are considering learning self defence why settle for anything other than the best. Here at Practical Self Protection you will train in a proven and tested system that is effective, realistic and relevant to the world we live in.

Take your training to the next level and keep your training real.

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Mark Dixon is a senior instructor at specialising in self defense training. For more information on learning self defense please visit the website.