Learn Martial Arts for Self Defense

Learn Martial Arts for Self Defense

“Martial arts for self defense is a science and art of defending you from any danger. There are many kinds or forms of martial arts that are great for self defense.  Self defense is a corrective measure which involves defending you or property from physical harm and damage. The use of appropriate self-defense has a legal justification when one is in danger.

Physical self-defense has three components which include the technique used, training methods and strategies. A technique is composed of the movement, blocks and counters. You have to avoid having a fight but if it is impossible to do so, you can block the hits and strike areas of the body that is considered vital. These components are very important for the success of self defense. They should go hand in hand to be effective.

There are different styles and techniques used in martial arts for self defense. There is what you call unarmed self defense technique that is composed of simple motor skills using your hand and feet.  First, you must understand the nature of the human foot and its basic anatomy. In that way, you will understand how the foot and arms work to be able to use it against any attacker. The heel of the foot is where the strongest bone is located  that is capable of making damage when using force.The ankle bones  will feel pain when doing this but they are supported by the heel of the foot so more effort is expected to be given. The tiny bones in our toes and hands are accessible in any attack and they are easy to break.

In situation, where  somebody grabs you from the hand or wrist and restrain you from moving do not panic. Even the attacker has hold your powerful weapon, that is your hand and elbows always stay calm. You can still use your legs and feet and your most powerful tool that is your head. What is important is you remain calm so you can think wisely what move you will make. You have to use your strong heel in making any strike not the ball of your foot or instep. For a more desirable effect, you have to bring your knee up and hit it in a downward motion with the ankles flexed upward for the heel to hit first. If the attacker grabs you at your back, you can bring your knee up with the foot close to his side and kick straight backwards like a mule. You have to hit the knee because it is the weak part that is accessible to you. Wearing boots or heels is also an advantage in this technique. If you are bare footed or wearing a tennis shoes, you have to make an extra force in kicking.

Learning this technique can increase the confidence and awareness of the practitioner. Any kind of technique to be effective requires practice for you to remember when you are in a situation that you need to do it. Once you have your strikes and have the oppurtunity to get away. You have to run towards a safe place and call  proper authorities to handle that matter.”

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