Real Street Self Defense Technique In Real Life

Real Street Self Defense Technique In Real Life

Nowdays streets of our cities are unsafe place. Every single day we can hear terrible stories about conflicts, hooligans, robbers, drunken browls and, as result, about usual people, who become a helpless victims, who was injured or even killed. It happens constantly, it is enough to watch criminal  news. In this eternal fighting you have to be based on your own forces only. It is a sad reality that the most part of passers will not help you, even when they see that you are in big trouble, because of they don’t want be overcomed by the aggressors themselves. Here is sad truth: the only person, who can protect you – is yourself. But, in any case it is not just about being able to hit fast and harsh, being able to elude strikes or throw someone to the floor. Plus it is about self-assurance, how to keep yourself cool mind, making smart decision about what action will be realistic and developing all your senses to recognize danger before it happens.

Don’t be surprised, but your main  weapon – is you; your body and your reaction. Certainly, within the short article it is impossible to give the complete set of all dangeruos situations and methods of their solution. Certainly, reading of text will not substitute real training with instructor or sparring partner which can be


maximally close to the real fighting.

Have you ever be wondering on how you can protect yourself from dangerous people you can meet on the street ? Do you wanna know any things about street self defense ? Do you afraid that bad guys may hurt you ? Can you protect yourself without any basic knowledges how to do that ?
Keep in mind, that learning street fighting techniques is NOT a standard martial art class. How do you think: many black belt teaching usual martial arts are equipped with real expirience for teaching exactly STREET self defense techniques ? I don’t think so. Many of them have never been under real street fighting attack and that in a street based self defence assault there is no such thing as Hollywood style moves that work. Usual martial art technique and street self defense tactic are absolute different. Usual martial arts have rules, respect  to the opponent,  concept of honour. Street fighting have no one from mentioned above. No rules, no honour, no respect to anyone.

My final word on all of this is that you really have to be your own bodyguard. Don’t expect that anybody else will protect or defend you. It won’t happen. When weighing up the appropriateness of your response ALWAYS remember the three variables – time, place and circumstance. Use your experience and judgement.

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