The Best Self Defence tips for Women

The Best Self Defence tips for Women

Statistics show that one in six women will be sexually abused in their lifetime. Now statistics might not mean anything to you, that is until your family or a loved one is attacked or abused. For this reason in this article I’m going to show you exactly how not to be attacked and if you are attacked I am going to show you how to defend yourself in that dire situation.

You may think we live in a terrible world and this is correct however most attacks that happen on women can be prevented, and with this article I am going to show you exactly how.

The first tip I am going to give you is to portray confidence everywhere you go.  In doing so you are already looking strong and confident. By doing this predators will not see you as weak and will move onto another target.

The next tip I am going to give you is to trust your gut instinct, if a situation feels like something is wrong then get out of there and don’t risk it.  We all have a built in instinct which will keep us alive, so follow it.

The next tip is to keep something in your hands when you feel vulnerable, this can be a set of keys, umbrella or even your bag.  If someone attacks you and you attack them back with an umbrella to the ribs or eyes I can guarantee that they will think twice before attacking you again.  One sharp poke to the eye will leave your attacker blinded which will allow you to escape the horrible situation.

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