Women Self Defense

Women Self Defense

Women self defence is the need for every working women, these days. Nowadays women know well how to protect themselves. They no more cower due to fear and panic. Violence is everywhere and it as become impossible to stop violence. Women are ten times more likely to become a victim by attackers as they are thought as weak creatures that are easy to take control of. This was true in older times but nowadays women are as strong as men. Women have become tough due to the today’s unpredictable environment where they have to stay out for work or other purposes.

Women also get martial arts training like men and kids but only knowing martial arts and other self defense techniques is not enough. You have to be strong and confident enough to apply these techniques in stress and panic situations. Moreover, you have to be alert when you are alone. Keep an eye on your surroundings and beware of strangers. Prevention is better so try to prevent yourself from getting into tough situations and facing bad people.

However, when you are trapped and have become a victim of attack then acting wisely and rightly is very important. It is not possible for you to stay at home all the time to protect yourself. You need to go out for shopping to pick up your kids from school or to go to your friends. However, it is possible to prepare yourself to face tough situations like attacks by criminals etc. Always try to stay around people and avoid dark and empty streets.

Kicking or punching is simplest tricks to defend yourself but women usually loose senses when they face panic or stressful situations. So staying in your senses is extremely important. Moreover, kicking or punching hard and right is possible only if you practice at home and prepare yourself for fight.

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